Mum Fail! | Meet the Crockers

I’ve been a mama for just over 8 weeks now and it has been full of smiles, tears, boobs, poop, hugs and love. We have so many memories with our baby girl already and I thought I would share a few.

Everyone knows parenting isn’t perfect, despite the lovely photos we all post on Instagram, there are plenty of times where it all goes wrong. So, here are a few of my mum fails so far:

Nappy fail

One that happens a lot is the nappy fail. When Amber is crying and I think she might be needing a nappy change, so we go upstairs to change her nappy. She’s full of smiles and gurgling away, I just finish the buttons on her sleepsuit, or putting her tights back on when I hear the unmistakable sound of a nappy being filled. Yep, she’s pooped again! I actually changed her nappy 3 times in the space of an hour the other day.

Poop everywhere

Sticking with the nappy theme, sometimes we don’t quite get to the end of changing a nappy before the poop explosion. One morning, when she was only a couple of weeks old, she projectile pooped mid nappy change resulting in poop on the changing mat, my PJs and even the wall!

Washing fail

Having a newborn means our wash load has doubled and the washing machine is constantly running. Babies seem to have a lot of white clothes, especially bodysuits! So it’s not good when a red dress ends up in the white washing. Amber had a lovely mini mouse dress with a little white t-shirt that went with it. I say ‘had’ because the t-shirt ended up in the wash with the dress and came out badly stained. There was no saving it.

Phone drop

Ever lay in bed on your phone and accidentally dropped your phone on your face? What about dropping your phone while breastfeeding and it hitting your baby in the face? Oops. (She was fine)

Food and Drink Spills

Having a baby constantly attached to your boobs means you have to learn to eat and drink one handed with your baby in your arms. It is probably not a good idea to choose food that can easily be spilt like pasta or soup… again she was fine! Her sleepsuit was not. One time she ended up covered in Pepsi because the can fizzed up when I opened it, that one was definitely not my fault!


This last one was the main reason for this post.
Last week we had a poop explosion, one where it meant a complete change of clothes. I was upstairs with Amber on her changing table, trying to get her out of her clothes without getting poop even more all over her than it already was. I was just pulling her bodysuit over her head when slipped out of my hand and banged her head on the wall.
It was awful.
I felt like the worst mum on the planet. It was my fault my baby girl was hurt and crying.
She was absolutely fine, she’d not hit her head hard, and there was no lump or mark afterwards but I still felt horrible. Dan came upstairs to find my cuddling Amber close to me, saying ‘Mama’s sorry’ both of us in tears.
Honestly, I think I was more upset than she was.

I’ve mentioned this headbanging story to a few people and it is definitely something that happens to everyone at some point. It doesn’t make you a bad mum, just human. We all make mistakes I guess.

So those are a few of my mum fails. Please share your mum (or dad) fail stories too.

Thanks for reading!

Em x



17 weeks, 23 to go!

We have had a great week this past week. I have gotten absolutely zero uni work done and I have done very little planning for content on my blog. However, we have finally been relieved of my mother in law (Emma’s mum) who has been living with us, along with her dog for the past 8 months or so.

I picked up Emma from the airport on Saturday morning after a traumatic experience in Philadelphia where she missed her connecting flight back to Manchester and was stranded there for an extra night. At least she is now home safe and she has a story to tell the family! She also brought me back a giant pack of Red Vines which I have been using as straws to drink my beer.

This weekend we have enjoyed our first weekend in our house alone for a long time. We both agreed that it feels as though we have just moved to our own place now that we are alone. We had an entertaining night last night playing Wizard Chess and binging away on Netflix.

Tonight I’m on my own with the dog so it gives me chance to get some work done on my novel which has sort of hit a rock. I have made good progress on it since I started it in October last year and I really hope that I am able to share it with you in the near future. I also plan to finish my current read which is ‘Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’ by Gail Honeyman. If you haven’t read it then you definitely should. It was a little slow starting but it is a very touching story. One that I would never have even considered had it not been for a friends recommendation.

That wraps it up for this week, thank you for being here!



It’s a Girl! + Weekend update.

I am very happy to announce to you all today that my fiancee and I are expecting a baby girl. We booked in to have a private scan on Thursday and we both went in full of excitement in anticipation of finding out the sex of our bundle of joy. The scan was a really amazing experience as we got to see some close 4D images of baby and also hear her heartbeat. We now have a whole collection of great clear photos of the baby, some of which I have posted throughout


16 Week gender scan

We also purchased babies first teddy bear which has a recording of babies heartbeat inside. Squeezing the teddys chest will play the heartbeat. Since then we have gone a bit mad with buying her clothes since we know the gender!


Heartbeat teddy




Fridays saw us driving down the Hemel-Hempstead and checking into our hotel for the weekend. Our only plans for the weekend were to visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour. So Friday and Saturday were pretty open for us in terms of finding something to do. On Friday after we had checked in we had a drive into Watford and found an InTu shopping centre and spent most of the afternoon there before retiring pretty early to bed. On Saturday we took the 30-minute drive up to Milton-Keynes as it has always been a city I wanted to check out. We managed to find another InTU shopping centre and also a place that had a cinema and bowling complex. We ended up spending a fortune on food and drink and also bought stuff from the Disney store for the little one.

Sunday was filled with everything Harry Potter. We spent a good three hours at the

20180317_145319.jpg Studio and managed to see everything that it had to offer. For anyone who hasn’t been its a chance for fans to get close up with the sets and props that were used to create the Harry Potter film Series. We managed to walk through all the sets which included The Forbidden Forest, Hagrid’s Hut, Dumbledores Office, Privet Drive, The Gryffindor Common room and plenty more. We saw creatures such as Aragog the spider and Buckbeak the Hippogriff.




We spent about three hours walking around the sets and making the most of our time there. We came home with a Gryffindor baby grow a wizard chess set and some other bits including chocolate frogs. If you haven’t been and you are a fan of Potter then I would highly recommend the visit. It really was a magical day!



I know today’s post has seemed a little rushed but I really wanted to get something posted and I have had very little time to plan anything other the weekend. There are plans in the work to collaborate with another blogger that I have recently connected with and I am very excited about that! now though I shall leave you with some of my favourite shots from Hogwarts!