Waiting for a baby to land | The Bearded Dads Survival Guide


We have spent the whole weekend waiting for baby and all weekend doing all the things people say work to encourage labour. Emma has now had two sweeps and still no sign of our daughter.

Yesterday we went on a longer walk than usual to the local park with Opie. We haven’t been there before and it was quite a hilly walk. I managed to find a zip wire which I couldn’t resist having a go on. Emma spent most of the evening bouncing on the birth ball with no luck. I also took her out for tea to see if it would bring on the baby.

We are now at a loose end and feel like she is never going to arrive. Of course, if she hasn’t arrived by Tuesday Emma will be getting induced which neither of us really want. We would much rather she go into labour naturally. Plus I really don’t want to have to go into work for one day! We have decided that today we are going to have a Disney film day since we have literally hundreds of them. I will be updating my Instagram throughout the day if anything happens today, so if you are interested in following our progress you can follow me at @beardydadsurvival

If anyone has any other suggestions to encourage labour then please let me know!