Sweet Potato & Tuna Burgers | BLW

Baby Led Weaning

This is a really simple recipe for a great healthy burger for weaning. Can be served on their own, with salad, with chips or a selection of vegetables. Amber has eaten these from 6 months old, but these would be great for older children too, made into proper burgers with a bun and salad too!

Last time we made these, we baked them, but have decided grilling is a better option to prevent the burgers from falling apart.


1 large sweet potato
1 tin of tuna in spring water
1 egg


Peel, chop and boil or steam the sweet potato until soft.
Mash the sweet potato and add the tuna and egg, before mashing again.
Use your hands to grab a handful of the mixture and roll into a ball, before squashing into a patty shape.
Grill the patties until golden.
Allow to cool before serving.

We hope you and your little ones enjoy this recipe, if you do decide to try this one out, remember to tag us on instagram @mama_and_baby_amber and @meet_the_crockers 🙂


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