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It was my birthday yesterday so I took another week off work to spend more time with the family. Today, Amber is 4 weeks old which has gone incredibaly fast. she has started to become a lot more alert and seems to recognise our faces. She is also getting into a solid feeding routine and we all seem to be getting a little more sleep. She is also slowly beginning to fit into 0-3 month clothing. It is still pretty baggy but she is filling it a lot better than she was 3 weeks ago.

So, this week we have been getting out and about a lot more often than we have done in quite a while. Getting Amber used to the big wide world and getting to spend some time together out of the house. It has been quite the experience for us as we have found that nipping out to town now requires a lot more equipment than the normal keys, wallet, phone. The arsenal of things we have to bring along now is pretty mind blowing and I dont know how we haven’t yet forgetton anything. With that being said at least we dont have to cart bottles and milk around with us everywhere we go like I know a lot of other parents have to. All we need to remember is Emma’s boobs and a couple of muslins and Amber is pretty much good to feed whenever she needs to. Breast feeding in public was a little strange at first but we have we are all becoming a bit more at ease with it.

With all that said let’s talk about some of the new experiences Emma and I have faced this week as new parents.

Breastfeeding in Public

This one was one that I thought could be difficult for us. what, with a society of backwards people around us that believe that a mother feeding her infant in public is wrong. We always planned on breastfeeding Amber. From early on in the pregnancy it was something we both wanted to do.  It’s natural, nutritional and can help baby with immunity to many bugs that newborns can catch. Not to mention it’s a damn sight cheaper than buying milk formula.
We are very lucky that Amber took to breast feeding straight away and we have, so far, had no problems with her in terms of feeding. In the first 2 weeks of her life we didn’t really take her anywhere due to so many people wanting to come and meet her, so breastfeeding in public wasn’t really something we had to tackle. If it wasn’t for the pink balloons in the window I’m pretty sure the neighbours would have thought we were runnning some kind of drug den with the amount of people coming and going.  Looking back, I should have put a section on my website where family members could book an appointment to come and see her!
Going back to the breastfeeding in public; our first experience of it was when we went for breakfast with my aunite who drove all the way from Norwich for one day just to see her. We went to the Toby Carvery for their amazing breakfast which includes breakfast yorkshire puddings and gravy. Amber latched on as normal and we had no issues with anyone staring at us or giving us funny looks. Since then, Amber has fed many times in public. We went to Blackpool on Monday and to Lancaster yesterday and we fed Amber in various places and we didn’t have any issues at all. I guess we just got lucky really as I have heard other people have had really bad experiences with breastfeeding away from home.
Matt Coyne makes a very good point about breast feeding which can be found in his book ‘dummy’ and on his blog ‘Man vs Baby’ where he refers to these people as ‘weirdos’.

“I know this has probably all been said before but who are these fucking crackpots who have a problem with breastfeeding in public? or these weirdos who say they ‘don’t mind it’ as long as it’s done ‘discreetly'”

(Coyne, n.d.)

This article is both very humerous and eye opening and I urge you to go have a look at this guys hilarious insight to parenting!
Please feel free to share your breastfeeding stories with us as we would love to hear them!

Baby changing

Something I have never before had to be aware of or even consider is options for baby changing whilst out and about. To my surprise every place we have been to so far has had facilities for changing babies and I’m quite certain that most places these days offer such facilities. Even places such as pubs – where I would never have imagined would have baby changing facilities – offered baby changing which I found pretty amazing. I have had to change Amber several times now whilst out and about.  Most of the changing rooms have been well equipped; with a place to put down baby whilst changing her, as well as nappy bins and nappy dispensers. But yesterday we encountered the Rolls Royce of baby changing rooms and it was in the multi-story car park we used in Lancaster. This place had a big room for changing multiple babies at once, as well as a seperate private breast feeding room with a leather rocking chair and sink. This is the best once that I have come across to date and I’m sure that there is many more out there that would outshine the Lancaster Multi-story. It’s just really nice to see that new parents are being considered in public places and local establishments are making an effort to make the lives of new parents easier!
What is the best changing facility you have been to are where? Let me know!

Walking round as a family

It’s such an amazing and surreal experience for me, walking round in public as a little family. It’s really nice when you see people notice that you are new parents and stopping to take a look and smiling at us. Particulalry the older generation! We had quite afew elderly ladies stop and look at Amber whilst we were wondering around Blackpool on Monday. It makes me feel very proud to be a dad.
We have pushed Amber around in her pram (which Emma and I both fight over possession of) and we also bought a body pouch so I can carry Amber around on my chest; which we did in Blackpool for several hours. She seems to really like being on my chest and generally falls straight to sleep. I thinkthe combination of motion and being able to feel my heartbeat and warm is comforting to her and she loves it.

Quite a positive vibe going on in my blog today which is always nice. It turned out to be a lot longer than I had originally planned and now my hands are starting to cramp up. If you got this far then as always thank you for reading! If you have any experiences with the topics I have spoken about above then please feel free to tell us about them either here in the comments section or over on instagram @meet_the_crockers and @mama_and_baby_amber.



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