My first night in a hospital | The Bearded Dads Survival Guide


I am writing this blog for my own entertainment as much as I am yours. Yesterday was the day; the day Emma was due to be induced and the day we both thought would be the day we have been waiting for for nine months. Unfortunately things haven’t exactly gone to plan and we are still waiting for an arrival.

I’m writing this post from the comfort of the hospital floor. A place in which I never thought I would find myself. I am hyped up on skittles and my arse has gone numb. This has without a doubt been the longest twenty-four hours I’ve ever had to live. I have had barely a wink of sleep since 2am the previous morning and I feel like if I don’t get some soon I am going to be as about as useful as a boiled egg. I am hoping to be able to go home later when Emmas mum comes to take the day shift. I had no idea that hospitals even allowed guests to stay over night? I mean, since when was that a thing? If I’d of known this I would have been to the pound shop and bought an inflatable pillow. Instead I’m using my spare change of clothes as a mattress and pillow.

Knowing my luck baby will decide to come just as I’ve nodded off at home. If that’s the case then that is great. Here I am conplaining about being on a hospital floor when Emma has been lay on an uncomfortable hospital bed being prodded and poked by all manner of people coming and going. She has been a trooper throughout her whole pregnancy and I understand now why it is women that bare babies. Men simple aren’t tough enough. I mean I go dizzy at the sight of a little blood, there is no way I could go through child birth. I admire her for how amazing she has been.

Hopefully today is the day, but who can really say for sure? We will just have to be patient and wait for baby to come when she is good and ready.

On a final note I just want to point out the respect and admiration I have gained for every single midwife and consultant me and Emma have had the pleasure of meeting throughout her pregnancy. These people work so hard and are so passionate about their work. I can honestly say every single person has been amazing and has treated us as if we were family. The NHS really is a organisation we must all be very thankful for, one we must cherish and support as at somepoint in life every person will be in need of their service.

On a final final note to my daughter: so far you have been very stuborn and kept your mummy awake for countless hours. We have loved you from the minute we found out you were going to be born and we cant wait to meet you. There is so many people waiting to meet you and shower you with love; so please come soon baby girl.

I have to apologise for the scattered thoughts that are jumbled up in today’s post. My brain feels like scrambled eggs and I really cant think straight at the moment. Thanks to everyone that continuely reads and supports my page.




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