We’re in! | The Bearded Dads Survival Guide


It has been such a long week of moving for us this week but I am finally ready to tell you all that we are officially moved out of our old house and into our beautiful brand new one!

I took the past week off work and have spent the whole time moving our possessions from one house to the other. 7 days and two full tanks of fuel later and I am typing my first blog from my armchair in our new living room. Emma is currently upstairs arranging the baby’s nursery and I have found a spare minute between writing my university final that due next week to write a little update on here.

At half-past 12 on Tuesday afternoon we received the key to the new house and from that moment until this moment my life has been chaotic. From carrying heavy furniture from one house to another to finding a place for all our things to go in the new place. Tuesday was mostly spent laying the laminate flooring in our living room which I did with some help from my Dad. We also had the carpet men in on the same day laying carpet in the whole of the upstairs of the house. later on that evening we managed to move all our bulky furniture such as the suite, bed, washer, dryer, fridge and freezer.

The rest of the week has been filled with trips to and from the house in our cars collecting all the smaller bits and pieces. Also multiple trips to the tip with all the stuff we no longer have any room for. Today we finally handed in the keys to our old house and we won’t be looking back!

I have spent this afternoon building our new garden shed in the sunshine with my future father in law. I am terrible at DIY but think I have done pretty well this week with laying laminate, putting up curtains and building a shed!

This will be the fourth time I have moved house in the four years I have known Emma. Surely that is some kind of world record? I have become very tired of moving house and I am just really happy and relieved that we have finally found our home that we will hopefully be very happy in for years to come.

on a final note, I just want to shout out to the baby gate that I bought earlier on in the week. You really have been the best thing I have possibly ever bought. our baby hasn’t even arrived yet but the baby gate makes eating and having guests so much easier with a dog in the house! We can put him in the kitchen and close the baby gate and there is no dog harassing you for your tea. It’s great!

Tell me some of your moving stories below! Thanks for reading.



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