Lancashire: A beautiful place for a walk with nature | The Bearded Dad’s Survival Guide


For the last few weeks, Emma and I have gotten ourselves into a great routine of walking the dog and taking him to a new place every weekend. Em was told that walking would be really beneficial for her when it comes to giving birth and I am really proud of us both for getting out and going walking in new places locally.

I want to talk a bit about all the different places we have visited in Lancashire and if you are local to the area you should really check them out, especially when the weather is up for it. Which, let’s face it, the last few weekends have been awesome for it!

Today we ventured out to a place that is practically on our doorstep yet neither of us had heard of it before. Hurstwood Reservoir in Burnley Lancashire was such a beautiful place for a nice gentle walk. It is dog-friendly meaning your dog can walk off the lead providing you take caution as there is livestock such as sheep in the area. We walked around the reservoir today and found a bank where Opie could have a swim and we could stop and sit around for a while and enjoy the view which you can see above. The only thing it was lacking was dog waste bins as I had to carry a poop bag around with me the whole time as there was nowhere to dispose of it. Also, there was some really epic looking mountain bike routes which really made me wish I had a bike! Maybe when baby is older I can take her there on bikes. I think that would be really fun!

Another place that is really worth a visit is Brockholes nature reserve which can be found straight off junction 31 of the M6 in Preston. admission is free for all but parking will cost you around £5. We had a great walk here with friends. The only real downside to it is that dogs are not permitted due to the protected wildlife. We saw lots of different species of birds and also some really big bulls! They have a floating village with a cafe and a shop. If you do check it out make sure to get an ice-cream if its a warm day! You can check out Brockholes at the website below:

The next place that Em and I love to visit is Towneley Park. This place really shows off the beautiful heritage that Burnley has to offer. Towneley hall which is situated in the park is a magnificent looking building which now serves as a museum for tourists to visit. It is also the venue that we have picked four our wedding which is hopefully taking place at the end of next year. Here is a photo of Towneley Hall in the background of me when I picked up my new car. There is plenty of open space and greenery to explore here. Even if you are not a local to Burnley I would recommend a visit to Towneley Park.


The final place I want to mention is a little further out than the places I have talked about above. It is still in Lancashire albeit about an hour drive, but, on a sunny day, it is certainly worth it. The place I am referring to is Hollingworth lake. I have been going here since I was a kid. I remember my grandparents taking me and my sister for ice cream and fish and chips. There is plenty to do at Hollingworth lake for everyone! They have a boating school on the lake which you can also walk around and see some lovely views along the way. There are several pubs dotted around the lake also picnic areas where you can stop off for a rest. The front at Hollingworth lake has a selection of restaurants and a really amazing chippy! You can get ice- cream and refreshments and sit around on the benches. This place is always packed on hot days so you have to be sure to get there early if you want to get a parking space!


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