Why the radio silence? | The Bearded Dad’s Survival Guide


I realise that there has been a long period of radio silence from me recently. The thing is, that there is just so much going on in life right now. I have been spending my computer time trying to get my assignments sent off in time. I had a deadline today for my final tutor marked assignment and I only just hit it! I have one more examiner marked assignment for this year and then I’m done until October. To be honest I am ready for a break from Uni for a while. I really enjoy it, but at times it just gets too much with working and trying to fit in some downtime.

tenor (13).gif

We are now 17 weeks away from meeting our baby girl and the Mrs is really starting to show her bump. We have recently started to feel her kicking and it is all starting to get very exciting. The house is full of baby items ready for the big day. We are also moving at the end of this month into a brand new house which we both really can’t wait for. We have lived where we are now for just over 12 months and we have both come to hate it. A fresh start for our little family in a brand new home is something we really need.

I’m back working day shifts again so my sleeping pattern is pretty messed up recently. I have gotten so used to working nights that I am just constantly tired in the daytime now. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was staying back on days permanently as my body would eventually get used to the day pattern. I have a week off at the end of May so I can focus my time on getting the three of us safely moved into our new house so hopefully, I will get some time in that week to relax and recharge my batteries.

tenor (14).gif

On a final note, I’d just like to thank the few people that have followed me recently, your support is much appreciated and I would ask if you haven’t already that you head on over to my Instagram, where you will receive more frequent updates on whats going on in life! @Beardydadsurvival



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