Half way there!


This week it the halfway mark for us in the countdown to becoming parents. We went for our 20-week scan on Wednesday and got to see how much Pumpkin has grown since last time. Mummy has now started to feel her moving and she seems to be quite a wriggler.

I bought us both hiking boots last week so that we could both start to get some more exercise. Yesterday we travelled to Brockholes nature reserve which can be found just off junction 31 of the M6. They have a floating village with a cafe and shops to explore and also 250 acres of land to explore that is thriving with rare birds and local wildlife. If you are in the area and the weather is good then it is worth the trip!

Tomorrow mummy will be 21 weeks pregnant and we will be stepping over the halfway barrier. The plan for the coming weeks is to make an inventory of the things we have bought for Pumpkin and also a list of the stuff we still need to buy. I am hoping that some of you reading will get involved and give me your input on some of the essential items that you found made all the difference for the arrival of your baby.

I also have a plan to interview mummy at some point when we can both find the time between work. We are going to be discussing one of the changes that have taken places over the past few weeks and also some of the thoughts and feelings she has had along the way.

That is all for today but please, if you get a chance, head over to my Instagram page where you can find quick and easy updates regarding my blog!


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