A chat with fellow Dad blogger JamesyNI


In today’s article, I talk with fellow blogger JamesyNi to discuss some of the pros and cons of becoming a father for the first time. I will be looking for answers to my questions from an experienced father and also be mentioning some of the things I am expecting to happen in the coming months. With Jamesy being a father of three he is more than equipped to help out a newbie such as myself and by creating this article, helping other people out there in the same situation.

Questions from a clueless dad to be.

What are some of the things that you totally didn’t expect to come from being a father?

Jamesy: The responsibility hits you after the dust settles! It’s scary that you have now become one of 2 people solely in charge of this child! Everyone briefs you for the nappies and the sleepless nights but that’s all part and parcel and you quickly overcome that, but it’s just adapting to having something so new to you!

Did you find it difficult to bond with your newborn?

Jamesy: From the minute you first lay eyes on your first child you fall madly in love and the bond is created! And as you learn how to change them, dress them, feed them and look after them the bond grows stronger. As my kids have gotten older I have seen that I bond with them each differently as they all have very different little personalities!

What is the first thing you did when you got baby home from the hospital?

Jamesy: Clare and I went back to her mums that night, and we had a takeaway from our favourite place whilst Nanny and Aunties bathed the baby. I had been off Coca-Cola and fizzy drinks for the 9 months as well, so I completely demolished a few cans! Once we had done that it was a matter of sitting with everyone and enjoying the company, sharing stories of when we were babies and hints and tips for dealing with everyday baby situations!

 Do you have any good tips for helping baby to get a good nights’ sleep?

Jamesy: The one thing I have learned is to make sure the child has a good feed AND SPEND TIME BURPING THE CHILD before putting them down, otherwise you will have hiccups, burps, and you will be up and down changing clothes and wiping mouths! Me and Clare have an agreement that we both allow each other to catch up on sleep during the day if someone has been up at night, to make sure that we are both fully charged!

Were you present for the birth of your children and what was that like as an experience?

Jamesy: I was present, and the first time, it’s daunting as you don’t really know what to expect, even though your partner has probably made you watch countless episodes of One Born Every Minute! But when that baby arrives and you hear the first cry, I welled up and genuinely felt a tear in my eye…that was something I had helped to create! Our second son was born in his amniotic sack, so that really blew my mind, as I knew what to expect the second time around but I wasn’t expecting him to be born in a little bubble!

What were your first thoughts as you held your baby for the first time?

Jamesy: I couldn’t stop smiling, I just felt so proud and so much love each of my kids! The feeling never leaves or changes! And even now after having 3 children, there are times when they can drive you crazy and misbehave, but the love you have for them quickly overrides that!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jamesy for spending some time with me over the last few days to create this piece. Jamesy is a well-established dad blogger of three and you can read more about his adventures by checking out his website by following the link below:






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