I’m in a new Dad state of mind.


Tomorrow marks 16 of the 40 weeks that lead to parenthood. It has so far gone so fast I am struggling to keep up and savour the moments. It won’t be long until we become a little family.

On Thursday we are going to the hospital for a 4D scan of the baby so we will have lots of new photos to share with family and friends. We are also having the gender scan but we won’t find out the sex until May as Emma is adamant that we have to have a baby shower and a gender reveal. Personally, I am far too impatient and would rather just know now.

We are going on a mini break over the weekend. We haven’t been on holiday for some years now so when we can get away even for a weekend we make the most of it. We have tickets for the Harry Potter Museum so we are going to have a drive down and have a 3-night stay. Hopefully, there will be plenty of other things in the area we can check out too!

I was going to write a mothers day post yesterday but since we didn’t really get up to much other than walking the dogs with our friends so I didn’t see the point! I hope all you mums had a lovely day. I did buy Emma a few new mummy bits and got her a card from the bump but other than that it wasn’t a very notable day.

Read a few good goods recently. I just finished Pet Semetary. It was pretty disturbing but a really good read if you like a bit of classic horror. Also watched the film last night just for a comparison to the book. I’ve just picked up a book titled 29 seconds by T.M. Logan. So far I am hooked on it. I would recommend it if you like thriller books.

That’s all for this blog I haven’t managed to gather much content to write about on this blog this week but I will definitely be posting about the scan on Thursday so if you’re interested in that please check back later in the week. If you’re not then why not check out my other blog where I post about work and life and books and all that kind of stuff.

As always thanks for reading.



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